Three Dykes, One of Whom Is a Man

a farce about relationships, gender, and orientation

: An upscale plastic/reconstructive surgery clinic.

Time: The present

Cast of six, three men and three women:

THEA: A reconstructive/plastic surgeon, forty-eight

LORRAINE: A reconstructive/plastic surgeon, Thea’s older sister, fifty-one

A reconstructive/plastic surgeon, Thea’s husband, fifty-three, but could pass for forty.

A mid-to-late twenties man guided by passion rather than rationality, who thinks through his gonads. The larger part of him is without words—an animal or savage. He spends much of the play in chains at THEA's behest and for HELGA's pleasure.

A sexy thirty plus year old nurse referenced in the script as possessing
long, lean, efficient Danish legs.

A sex reassignment/reconstructive/plastic surgeon, cross dresser, bisexual man from Thailand, early forties

Length: 120 pages, 11 scenes, 2 hours running time

Set: Office/reception area of the clinic. It includes several computers, abundant mirrors, doors (2 minimum, the more the merrier) to various consulting rooms and offices, and a closet appropriate for scene 4.

The action of Three Dykes, One of Whom Is a Man occurs in a family run plastic surgery clinic.
The rubric of conventional sexual orientation is overthrown against a background of continuous body modifications, and each of the characters goes through a range of sexual permutations, arriving at the end, a changed but presumably better person for the adventure. Thea and Ford/Frieda begin the play dissatisfied with their 25 year marriage, and fighting over the presence of Squeeze. Squeeze, who thinks through his gonads instead of his head, looks for a new face so he can stop running from the law. Lorraine lonely from the recent break up of her long-term relationship with Roz wants a new lover, while Tuk and Helga mainly interest themselves with sexual high jinxes—theirs and everyone else’s. It is a comedy so there is a happy ending for everyone although the story gets dark at times. It has some erotic moments on stage, some nakedness off stage, and some explicit and lewd language both places so it is for mature audiences.